Go to NashCo

Let’s talk about the coolest furniture store in Nashville, NashCo. Think March Madness, meets your favorite college club, meets Target, meets the room of your DREAMS. It was a gloomy day yesterday when we made our way to NashCo in search of the perfect ottoman for our new home. They had my fav RnB jams playing, basketballl on the televisions, & pizza on the way. It felt like a really fun party & I was HERE. FOR. IT.! From the minute we entered, the staff was super attentive in helping us find exactly what we were looking for (before they even knew I was @ShannWoodworth from Instagram).

Letting us freely walk around the store at our leisure, I loved how they had multiple room set ups every few feet. It was a great way to get a sense of how a piece would look in our home & what colors really went best with each other. They had asked me initially what I was looking for to which I responded,

“Something gray, white, or leather…”

With such a vague description, they helped me find exactly what I wanted & because the ottoman didn’t have any leather accents, they threw in a throw pillow so that I’d have an option to add that hint of texture to our space.

They couldn’t be more spot on when they say Newest Affordable Styles for your Home! The prices were truly unbeatable & I can’t advise you enough to visit their showroom so you get the full experience. You will leave feeling like you spent the day with friends, while knowing you got the best possible deal on something that’s going to help make your house feel like a home. Go to NashCo & tag me on Instagram Stories while you’re there!

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