Transformation Tuesday with Nash Painting

House painting has always been so intimidating to me. From making sure things are taped & protected, to choosing the perfect shade of the color you think you want, it always feels like there are so many options, & a lot of ways to make mistakes. Before we even officially closed on our first home a couple of months back, I knew the job was too large to be a DIY project, & I immediately started to reach out to Nashville/ Middle Tennessee painting companies. Nash Painting was the first company to respond to my inquiry & from day one, they made the entire process effortless. We didn’t even have the keys to our new home yet & Nash Painting was giving us estimates/ suggestions via email (something other companies refused to do). When I called Linda Nishanian at Nash Painting to tell her we were all moved in & ready for our in-person estimate, she remembered exactly who I was, & I got our estimate scheduled for later that same week. With all of the things we are trying to accomplish in our new home before officially moving-in, having a company like Nash Painting that is easy to get in touch with & extremely communicative is irreplaceable.

Because I partnered with Nash Painting for a feature here on Well Worth It, I was able to meet with the owner, Bill Nishanian for my in-person estimate. He was right on time for our appointment, kind, courteous, & unlike other estimates we got, did all he could to stick to our timeline & budget. All of my painting qualms disappeared after meeting with Bill & he made everything manageable. My husband & I were shocked to see that before I even got home from meeting Bill at the house for our estimate, we had the full quote & scope of work in our inbox. Most other companies we vetted took upwards of a week to send something our way, which we didn’t even entertain at that point! Not to mention, I had so many companies tell me that they couldn’t cover this red, & Bill had no worries about it whatsoever:

Nash Painting’s estimate process is extremely advanced. The estimate is broken down by job, rooms, details in rooms, & a price for each line item. As first time home buyers on a budget, this is something we appreciated so much because we were able to pick & choose what we needed to keep/ eliminate to stay within our means. After accepting our quote, we instantly got a call from Linda to schedule Julio & his team (top-notch at interiors) for the next week. Just like Bill, Julio & his team arrived right on time for the job, & took time to initially walk through the house with us, & make sure we reviewed everything with him before they got started. We weren’t at the house while they worked, but we would check-in frequently & were amazed at how clean they kept the space. They treated our home like their own & that’s not something you see everyday.

We got 7 rooms in our house painted with most of the trim & ceilings touched up as well. We thought for sure the guys would be there for at least 4 days. After just 4 hours of them being in the house, the entire house was primed & drying, ready for those coats of paint. We were shocked! In total, the job took 2 business days! When Julio & his team finished, we weren’t at the house. They cleaned up, locked up, & you would have never even known they were there to begin with. We are forever grateful for the transformation!

Above you can see the priming stages & now, for the best part…

I mean it when I say I cried tears of happiness walking in! I couldn’t believe what a difference the paint made, or what an incredible job Nash Painting did! You may love the way it looks now, but I think you really need to see some before/ afters to fully appreciate it, so here’s everyones favorite part:

Nash Painting not only transformed our home, they made us feel so special while they did it! They took a daunting process & made it something exciting. They took an anxious pair of newlyweds & showed us we could turn our dreams into reality. They took some very pigmented walls & brought them back to basics, answering our questions every step of the way. Whether it was Easter Sunday or 11 pm on a Friday night, we would hear back from the team at Nash Painting within minutes & as two excited people who knew nothing about paint, that’s all we could ask for. We are forever grateful to the team at Nash Painting & can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

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