Don’t Sleep on Levity

You heard it hear first, don’t sleep on Levity: Machine Washable Chairs (until you have them in your house, that is – because they’re SO comfy). Levity is all about making beautiful furniture that doesn’t come with the fear of other’s in their same lane. We’ve all been there, we get something new for the house and then we walk on eggshells around it because we don’t want to “mess it up”. My husband always jokingly reminds me that we don’t live in a showroom, but when you shell out money on something to make your house feel like home, you want to make sure it stays perfect. Well we all know that perfect is relative and pretty soon, just about anything in your home will look “lived-on” sooner or later (probably sooner than later if you have pets or kids). Levity was on a mission to change that. They wanted to find a way that beat out the dated slipcovers of our parents generation, or even worse, living with stains on the furniture you love.

Levity chairs truly are chairs for real life. Levity sent us two as a housewarming present and I couldn’t wait to get them put together! From the moment Kyle & I viewed our now home for the first time, I was so excited to turn the breakfast nook into a cozy seating area. When Levity reached out, I knew they’d be the perfect fit to fill it. When the chairs arrived in the mail, I was so impressed with the packaging and attention to detail. Everything was well-wrapped, secured, & fit perfectly into a box easy enough to transport inside for the build. The build itself took about ten minutes per chair and honestly half of that time was spent unwrapping the pieces.

We got two of the Scandinavian Lounge Chairs in Light Gray and let me tell you, I couldn’t believe the comfort level! You sink into these chairs while still feeling completely supported. The cushions are a dream and the washable covers add the perfect amount of softness to really elevate the style. One of our lounge chairs came with two left arms instead of a left and right, and levity was so speedy in working with us on getting the new one out. They even expedited shipping so we could have our two chairs together as soon as possible!

With our breakfast nook area being so close to the kitchen, I love the washable, waterproof material that Levity has innovated. The lightweight cushion covers are easy to remove, wash, and put right back on your chair with no fuss, or stress. All you have to do is throw the cover in the wash, dry on low-heat, and re-attach. I feel like so many brands that claim to have a “washable” functionality are more work than they’re worth. It is always like fitting a circle peg into a square hole and in the end, I wind up wishing I left the stain. Levity knows these everyday struggles all to well, so they work to make owning beautiful, practical furniture, a thing of the present.

With all the befits of a slipcover, without the shag rug & disco ball, Levity is all about practical design with endless options. No matter the room, color palette, style, or purpose, Levity has something for your space that won’t break the bank and will last a lifetime. I can’t say enough good things about Levity and I am so excited to do something really exciting with them on my Instagram, so stay tuned and make sure you have post notifications turned on! Their products are bold, beautiful, and most importantly, built to withstand real life.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep on Levity

  1. These are factory made chairs that arrive in pieces to easily assemble at home. The wood pieces are solid and well made. The seat and back cushions are adequate and comfortable. We initially believe it’s a good design. BUT, a big BUT: the dining room chair I bought SQUEAKS like crazy. The seat-with-cushion attaches to the frame by pushing down on the seat and popping a few pegs into a few holes: this does NOT make for a tight, solid chair. How can I make this claim? The damnable squeaking is absurd! Absurd! Sorry, but there is simply NO EXCUSE for this oversight. Obviously, Well Worth It has never parked her cute buttski on this chair.

    1. We just got a Levity dining room chair as well. It does seem like it is solid and well made and looks good – but it smells awful. Like overwhelming chemical off-gassing headache inducing I don’t want that think in my house awful. We put it out in our garage for 3 weeks and just brought it in again to find that it still smells. And you know that isn’t just a bad smell (like cooking fish) – it is a bad smell due to VOC’s offgassing. I looked back at the Levity website and it doesn’t show anything about a California Prop 65 warning. I only bought it because I didn’t see a California Prop 65 warning on it. Now it is probably too late to return it. Levity has a good idea, and the product looks good and seems solid – but I would never buy another one of these chairs with this noxious chemical gas smell going on. Especially since we have two kids and don’t want them inhaling this. I’d rather just deal with stains.

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