Thriving with 1Thrive

If you know me, you know that organization & planning is a part of my DNA. I swear I was born making itineraries. That is why I was excited when the team at 1Thrive reached out about collaborating & featuring one of their wall organizers in our new home! We’ve spent the last few months renovating our first home from top to bottom & now that I’m sharing all of the before & afters on Instagram, it’s time I share the one thing that has kept us on track from the start; 1Thrive.

The reason I love 1Thrive so much is that they’re not your mom’s wall organizer, or kitchen calendar. They’re sleek, stylish, & have so many customization options so that they fit your lifestyle. We got the Susan (funny enough, that’s my Mother-In-Law’s name!) & I would seriously be lost without it. 1Write is the portion that looks like “dry erase” but it’s so much better. I start each month with a clean slate by wiping off the old month with a wet piece of paper towel. I do love the Jewel Collection markers, but I will say they’re harder to remove with just water. I used a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, though, & it came off completely, so just a pro tip!

My favorite part of the board is that it hangs in our kitchen, so my husband can know what we have going on that month & not have to ask me the plan each day. The To-Do “blackboard” portion is wonderful for family goals/ projects, or even making a weekly menu on it! We customized the top of our board with a last name decal, but you can leave it black and write on it with 1Thrive markers as well. Keep in mind the only markers compatible with the board are 1Thrive (for the dry erase & chalkboard section), so make sure you stick to those!

I love the file holder on our board, too! It’s perfect when you’re in a hurry & need to throw your mail somewhere to sort later (bye bye countertop clutter), or even for family paperwork like forms for work, school, etc. to grab on your way out. I use the buckets to store markers in one & push pins for the cork board sections in another. The hooks are great for keys & I even hang my purse on them.

I can’t say enough amazing things about 1Thrive or their mission. They are making family organization fun, easy, & stylish. They’re on a mission to make sure that your family stays on track & thrives each and every month; something I can totally get behind!

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