Frontyard Facelift with B&H Landscape and Tree Service

B&H Landscape and Tree Service are a one-stop-shop landscaping company based in Nashville, that I was lucky enough to collaborate with for services on our first home! You all have been a part of our first home journey from the start, so you know all of the work that went into our home transformation on the inside. We renovated the whole house in 8 weeks while working full-time jobs and it was MADNESS. That said, the outside was a different story! It still needed so much work & honestly, just some TLC. All of the weeds and chaos really scared me & I met with a few other landscape designers who basically said the front yard was a “lost cause,” so I was cautious when the owner of B&H, Houston, came out to meet me & chat through ideas.

Houston didn’t have a single reservation about turning around our yard & knew every fact about every plant/ weed that was popping up. He told us what should stay, what should go, & made it all seem so effortless! From there, I coordinated with B&H’s business manager, Hallie, who is now basically one of my BFF’s. It was so great that they had her to coordinate all details on my upcoming project so I didn’t have to wait weeks for responses like some landscaping companies who don’t have anyone overseeing client communication.

The trickiest part about landscaping is how much the schedules flex and flow due to weather, or imminent projects. Because B&H do every service (landscape, drainage, lighting, tree work), things change daily. Hallie was so great about updating me if something had to change in our plans and making sure I knew exactly when the B&H crew would be at my home working.

When they guys arrived on day one, they got right to work on cleaning things up. They actually wound up removing a full tree, trimming bushes, taking out all weeds and old mulch, trenching the flower beds, & getting everything cleaned up all in 4 hours. Kyle & I were shocked at how efficiently they worked! The second day was all about finishing touches like stump removal, mulching, and final clean up. When I tell you they completely transformed our front yard, it’s an extreme understatement! We even have more light coming in al of our windows since they left!

*DRUM ROLL PLEASE* It’s time for the initial before & afters before the 2nd day of finishing touches:

Here are the final pics of all the areas after day 2 and the finishing touches!

I’ve got a transformation reel on my Instagram that you’re going to want to check out & see these changes in motion!

I can’t say enough good things about B&H, their employees, or their crew. They are professional, efficient, & gifted! They took our jungle of a front yard & turned it into a place I want to be! I always used to joke with my husband that I didn’t want to be out on the porch because I felt like I didn’t know what was lurking below it. Now, everything has a place and a purpose. They even added some additional plants that we didn’t plan on to fill out the spaces that seemed empty after all of the weeding and removals. We are so grateful for Houston, Hallie, & the team at B&H who helped to turn our outdoor space into a welcoming oasis we’re so proud of – just in time for trick-or-treaters (EEEEK!). A first home can be so overwhelming that you don’t even think about the outside until it forces you to by overgrowing into a wild mess. B&H doesn’t shy away & they welcome the challenge of giving your outdoor space a facelift!

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