Ironwood Grove Staycation

Ironwood Grove is a tiny house getaway with a big list of amenities! Nestled in the heart of East Nashville, Ironwood Grove is an extension of Pomelo Grove, run by local trailblazer, Erin Wolff. This tiny house hotel is perfect for locals and visitors, alike. Going by the principle of memories being more precious than things, these tiny houses are set up to create memorable experiences with loved ones in intimate settings. Just like my previously featured camper at Pomelo Grove, the finishes in these tiny houses are top-notch; with clever and efficient uses of the space.

We had a couple of tough weeks here at the Woodworth residence, so Erin reached out about gifting us a stay at Ironwood to celebrate our wedding anniversary a little early. Kyle and I both still work from home, so we jumped at the chance to switch up our scenery and go stay a couple of nights in a new space! After staying at Pomelo, we had high hopes for Ironwood, and we were not disappointed. We were the only occupants for most of our stay since we were there in the middle of the week and when we arrived, we were greeted by ample parking and a stunning common area around the fire pit.

We ventured into our tiny house for our stay and we were instantly blown away by the floor to ceiling paneling and mid-century modern style. Complete with everything we needed to enjoy our mini-work from home- staycation, the tiny house included a full living space, private bedroom, kitchenette, and full bath.

After just a few hours in our tiny house, we realized that we don’t need half of the things we think we do in our day to day lives. We had everything we needed in a couple of hundred square feet and it was the perfect space to bond and celebrate our anniversary! The first night we got there after we got settled in, we got dinner from our FAVORITE restaurant in town, which happens to be 1 mile from Ironwood; Two Ten Jack. Try their garlic noodles and thank me later. We did takeout so we could come back and enjoy dinner in our space for the night and it was so cozy. After, we decided to go out and make a fire in the communal fire pit. We were the only people staying there so we had it all to ourselves and our tiny house came equipped with a fire starter kit, as well as a ton of logs in the fire pit area.

The tiny house came with a blue tooth speaker and tons of games like cards, word games, dice, etc. so we had a super fun night just listening to music and playing games together. It’s amazing how much there is to talk about when you remove other distractions of daily life and that’s why Kyle and I love vacations like this. We can turn our phones on airplane mode, unwind together, and reconnect all over again like we used to when we were dating before life got crazy (click to listen to my favorite song at the moment).

The next morning we settled in for a day of working from (tiny) home, but not before going up the road to Frothy Monkey and getting breakfast. Ironwood is truly in the hub of East Nashville, only 5 minutes away from a ton of eateries and attractions. It was raining by the time we got back from breakfast and the tiny house was the perfect environment for a gloomy day. With floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom, it was amazing to work on the bed & watch the rain fall down (in the words of Hilary Duff) while hearing it bounce off the tin roof. We made a charcuterie board for lunch with things we brought from home and took a mid-day walk around the surrounding neighborhood that was all decorated for Halloween.

Grill Shack is across the street from Ironwood so we got dinner from there and came back to eat it at Ironwood while watching football and playing more games. 10/10 recommend their homemade veggie burger and french fries! The next morning we woke up early to have Ironwood’s own roast of coffee in their french press, plus some apple turnovers, before checking out and heading home.

This was the perfect little break from civilization and just what we needed to reset! I always feel that way when leaving one of Erin’s properties because she truly creates escapes in the middle of the city bustle. When you’re sitting at the fire pit in Ironwood, you don’t feel like the bright lights of Broadway are only 15 minutes away. You feel secluded, yet connected, exactly how you’d want to feel when you’re spending your hard earned money to escape somewhere for a night or two.

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